Creators of Muscle Milk release hemp-infused fitness beverage

The creators of Muscle Milk, a popular protein drink, on Wednesday released a new energy drink infused with hemp.

According to a news release, Gym Weed, made by Alternative Biologics, does not contain THC.

Instead, the pre-workout beverage contains 20 milligrams of hemp extract and 200 milligrams of caffeine as well as other natural supplements.

The release did not say if the hemp extract contains cannabinoids such as CBD.

The makers of Gym Weed formulated the recipe for Muscle Milk but do not produce it.

Muscle Milk is owned by PepsiCo, which bought the protein drink company in 2019 for $465 million, according to Food Business News.

The release marks another instance of retail products containing hemp that target the fitness-supplement market.