Pharma company, supplement chain retailer weigh in on CBD during White House meetings

As the hemp industry awaits guidance from food and drug regulators on whether CBD will be permitted to be used as an ingredient in food and dietary supplements, the White House Office of Management and Budget continues to meet with companies and industry advocates to gain insight.

In recent weeks, two of those meetings discussing the future of cannabidiol were with CBD drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals and chain retailer General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Cannabis Wire first reported.

UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals was the first company to obtain approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its epilepsy medication Epidiolex. Its U.S. subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences is lobbying for CBD regulations in all 50 states and at the federal level.

Stephen Schultz, GW Pharmaceuticals vice president of investor relations said the company reiterated to the OMB that any approval of cannabinoid medications or cannabinoid products in consumer goods should be based on scientific evidence.

Schultz said GW Pharmaceuticals supports regulations that “encourages more research and development of FDA-approved, cannabis-derived medicines, provides adequate safety protections for consumers ingesting foods and dietary supplements and distinguishes FDA-approved medicines from consumer-focused products.”

GNC, a Pittsburgh-based national supplement retailer, aims to sell CBD alongside its other nutritional products. Lobbying firm Parry, Romani, DeConcini & Simms represented GNC, the CBD Industry and Plexus International in a meeting with the White House OMB.

The firm’s president, Romano Romani, said his clients want the FDA to “withdraw its position that CBD violates the exclusionary clause.”

Romani said that the clause protects GW Pharmaceuticals’ product Epidiolex from competition from supplement makers and that despite making CBD supplements illegal, the FDA is not blocking the thousands of CBD products currently on the market.

Meanwhile, retailers like GNC that want to get into the market are holding off because they don’t want to sell an illegal, unregulated product, and they want the FDA to take action, Romani said.

The meetings between the White House OMB and the hemp and CBD industry are part of the process involved in developing guidelines for CBD. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration submitted draft industry guidance to the White House in July. That same week, the office also released draft guidance on cannabis drug development.

There’s no deadline for the CBD policy to be announced. Once the OMB signs off on the FDA’s draft guidance, it will be published on the Federal Register and opened for public comment before taking effect.

4 comments on “Pharma company, supplement chain retailer weigh in on CBD during White House meetings
  1. Ray on

    The Vitamin Shop by me already sells CBD products. GNC is late to the game and GW Pharmaceuticals is trying their best to keep CBD so regulated that cancer patients and veterans can’t get it without a prescription. It only adds to GW’s profit margin if CBD is so tightly regulated. Plus they need to recoup all their losses bringing CBD to the marketplace.

    Fact is the secret of CBD is out on the internet and every parent with an epileptic child knows how to get their child the product they need regardless of its legal status. It’s called being a parent and that is what the FDA needs to figure out.

    If I was a shareholder I would throw Romano Romani out on his butt and replace him with someone who has the courage to stand up to the FDA.

    • Don Willingham on

      For generations our country has been subjected to Pharmaceuticals these Pharmaceuticals has been allowed on Market and for public consumption if they don’t kill 10 people protest housing. That’s not to mention all the side effects that affect the other the other 990 of those prescribed these Pharmaceuticals. Such side effects of heart attacks damage to your liver kidneys other organs brain issues the Myriad of side effects it’s too long to list tomorrow. I have known friends younger than myself who have died due to the side effects at a young age. And some of the people that I know supper on going from these side effects from these Pharmaceutical that has been scientifically proven yet this Pharmaceuticals are still on the market still causing the same damage destroying lives and killing people maybe not initially but in the long run. And yet they stay on the market they stay on the shelves in our homes and they’re giving out regularly. CBD is not a pharmaceutical it isn’t boiled derive from a plant that has existed on this planet for eons. It has blessed side effects proven scientifically then meaning Man created Pharmaceutical. And the benefits from CBD are been proven scientifically to this day as it continues to help millions of people throughout the world with a myriad of ailments from cancer to epilepsy to muscular disorders the list is too long to name them all. It is proven to give people and renew people quality of life. When it does this for your constituents there is not a politician in this country that works for we the people that is put in office by We the People did should ever have anything to say against CBD and if they do so they are not working for We the People good night

  2. Dawn Harpell on

    CBD should only be sold by people that understand what it is and how to use it. Gas Stations, Health Food Stores, Vape Shops, Smoke Shops and any place that is not a CBD Store, they do not know what they are buying and selling and often sell products with trace Delta 9 that can cause positive results on a drug test. CBD needs to be designed towards the user and what their needs are. Dosing and timing are all personal.

    Miss D

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