Texas proposes rules for edible hemp production and sales

Texas has proposed a slate of rules for consumable hemp products and asked the public to make suggestions on them.

The Department of State Health Services rules published Friday address oversight and licensing for manufacturers, processors and distributors. The rules would also require $150 annual registrations for retailers to sell CBD.

Public comments are due in 31 days; the final rules are expected to take effect in July.

The proposed rules also address product testing and labeling requirements to be sold in Texas. Labeling requirements for CBD products would include:

  • QR codes.
  • Manufacturers’ phone numbers and email addresses.
4 comments on “Texas proposes rules for edible hemp production and sales
  1. Angela SMITH on

    The only reason my husband and I got into this was for smokable hemp, and then CBD extraction for the rest. He had assurances from the people working on the drafts in Texas that smokable flower would not be outlawed, smokable would be permitted. So we continued forth and have invested so far $25,000 into this venture. And now they’re coming out with something saying “well, we don’t want it to be a smokable option”. Feels like a bait and switch to us.
    We cleared acres, have plants growing now, are licensed, and permits accounted for, and here, half our business strategy might be outlawed, despite assurances to the contrary?!

    • Texas Farmer on

      Same here. Smokeable flower is where the opportunity is. Unless your an industrial farm oil and biomass are not as profitable. I have indoor grow operations about to begin but if they don’t fix this soon I’m going to just turn my investments to Colorado.

  2. Dr. Davidson on

    We have customers who need smokable hemp for anxiety, depression and PTSD. Additionally, we us hemp flower for cooking and teas. The banning of smokable hemp is dumb and very costly.

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