THC isomers ‘strictly prohibited,’ New York state reminds hemp industry

New York cannabis regulators are stepping up efforts to stamp out THC isomers derived from hemp, sending a warning letter that delta-8 and delta-10 THC products derived from hemp are “strictly prohibited.”

The letter from the New York Office of Cannabis Management, acquired by Cannabis Wire, tells hemp licensees and applicants that hemp-derived THC products “contain intoxicating qualities which are more appropriately regulated by” New York’s Cannabis Control Board, the agency that oversees medical and adult-use marijuana.

The letter comes as delta-8 THC products remain commonplace on shelves in New York gas stations and bodegas, Cannabis Wire reported, despite being banned last year.

New York has not ruled out the possibility of selling delta-8 THC and other THC isomers through existing marijuana sales channels.

But the state has yet to propose rules for doing so.

New York is among many states grappling with how to regulate intoxicating cannabinoids that can be derived from hemp extracts.

Just last week, Virginia lawmakers shelved a measure that would have banned delta-8 THC from hemp because of disagreements with the governor over criminal penalties.