American Shaman opens CBD store inside chain supermarket

CBD maker and retailer American Shaman has opened a retail store inside a grocery store in Missouri, where the company is based.

The company said the 550-square-foot store opened at the start of August inside a Kansas City’s Ball’s Price Chopper and will be staffed by Shaman employees.

American Shaman claimed in a news release Wednesday that this “is the first CBD store to be located within a multi-store supermarket franchise in the country.”

The company plans to sell about 160 products, including topicals and ingestibles.

American Shaman said the grocer might expand the store-withing-a-store concept if it works at the trial Kansas City location.

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  1. Joseph Arsanis on

    I am very much interested in CBD for medicinal purposes, especially the CBD product that significantly reduces Anxiety and a Cannabis that reduces the cravings of THC which is addictive to long time users of smoking pot.

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