Managing Risk in Uncertain Times: Strategies for Hemp Businesses


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We are pleased to introduce the first risk-mitigation report from Hemp Industry Daily, providing a comprehensive look at the tools available to alleviate the severity of unknown dangers that hemp businesses might face in the future.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that no amount of planning can remove risk from our lives and business plans. The best-crafted business strategy can crumble because of unexpected events, and the deepest wells of capital might run dry in the face of a global market slowdown. However, can an entrepreneur take steps to help ensure those risks are less costly to a hemp business in the long run? Absolutely.

Hand-selected by the editors of Hemp Industry Daily, this valuable resource provides a basic handbook of strategies and products to protect your hemp investment from unforeseen risks, whether you are growing hemp, processing it into finished goods or bringing those products to the public.

This special report on Managing Risk in Uncertain Times offers actionable, unbiased intelligence on risk-mitigation products and strategies, how much they cost, and additional guidance on:

  • Crop insurance.
  • Business property insurance.
  • Business interruption insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Legal strategies to make contracts less risky.


Hear real-time perspectives from risk management experts

Listen to Hemp Industry Daily Editor Kristen Nichols, and legal and insurance experts – Shawn Hauser, Partner at Vicente Sederberg and Jeff Kleid, Founder of Elite Risk Insurance – in this free webinar with Q&A, as they discuss steps that hemp operators can take to mitigate loss when unexpected events occur.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather actionable information on how you can be the most effective hemp operator in the uncertain times we face today.