As cannabis and CBD await UN review, FDA invites public to weigh in

As the cannabis plant awaits a high-stakes review from international health authorities, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is inviting the public to weigh in on whether cannabis, CBD and other cannabis extracts should declassified as a controlled substance.

The UN’s World Health Organization made a preliminary announcement in December that CBD has a low potential for abuse and shouldn’t be scheduled as a controlled substance.

The health agency delayed the final decision until June, when the agency will review “cannabis and cannabis resin, extracts, and tinctures of cannabis.”

As a member of the UN, the United States will forward the public comments it receives on cannabis scheduling to the agency.

Recommendations from the Geneva-based WHO don’t carry the force of law, but they are important guideposts for health authorities worldwide.

The agency’s evaluation of new drug therapies carries big consequences for drug makers and patients.

The FDA says in its request for public comment that its parent agency, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, isn’t planning to make any recommendations about cannabis for this summer’s review.

“HHS will not now make any recommendations to WHO regarding whether any of these drugs should be subjected to international controls,” the agency said in its request for public comment Monday. “Instead, HHS will defer such consideration until WHO has made official recommendations to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, which are expected to be made in mid-2018.”

Comments are due April 23.

The WHO calls cannabis “the most commonly used psychoactive substance under international control” and has been a scheduled substance since 1961, when it was listed in the UN’s Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

5 comments on “As cannabis and CBD await UN review, FDA invites public to weigh in
  1. Tracey W. Lewis on

    I think CBD and hemp should be declassified as a controlled substance. It is an all-natural product that can not only treat medical conditions with very few side effects; but also can be used as a renewable resource. (For things such as clothing; substitute for plastic; twine/rope; etc.)

    • Charlotte Kortum on

      Absolutely right! We could eliminate plastics if hemp was used instead. And it helps the Earth not harm it!! As long as I live i will continue to educated people about the good of this plant.

  2. Michael on

    I have bought lots of hemp made goods and still have them 20 years later. I love this stuff. It works in everything. They need to bring hemp production ba k ro the US. Now

  3. william spillane on

    i think cbd and should be declassified as a controlled substance.the medical benefits have been proven time and again by GW Pharmaceuticals for childhood onset of Epilepsy

  4. Lucas James Xavier Kolasa on

    Keeping cannabis illegal, when you know it helps people with cancer, epilepsy, ptsd, etc, is a crime.
    If you had a heart attack and asked someone to give you your heart pills on the counter and they said no and flushed the pills down the toilet, then the person having heart attack died… you would be guilty of manslaughter.
    The government knows cannabis can reduce and cure certain cancers. People die from those cancers because the government refuses to let people have proper, safe, cannabis treatment. Therefore, the government is guilty of manslaughter. The government has a patent on cannabis. That is how you know they know the truth about it.
    The patent office signed off on it, which means it definitely has medicinal value. So how is it classified as a schedule 1 narcotic.
    FDA, this is Lucas. Your job is to make sure the citizens get healthy treatments. Your job is not to cover up for the government’s crime of calling it a schedule 1 narcotic. That would only make you an accomplice. You don’t want to be guilty of manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. That is a felony. A real felony. People really die from curable diseases; because the government made the medicine illegal. If this doesn’t upset you, then maybe the FDA isn’t your calling.
    Just throwing it out there for a friendly brainstorming session. You know i love you. ??

    Ask Rick Simpson how many people he cured of cancer, including himself. He was from Canada. Guess what nation is legalizing in the entire nation. Canada. Guess why. Irrefutable evidence. Thanks to Rick Simpson.

    We all have the internet. We do more research than the average politician. We can debate, and win the arguement any day of the week.

    Even Harvard hosts medical cannabis conferences.
    The government isn’t fooling anyone.

    While we are at it..
    You have warning labels on toothpaste for fluoride. How is it legal that you don’t have warning labels on the tap water in cities and towns that fluoridate their water?
    You want to talk about the law. Isn’t that highly illegal? What about bottled water that ises fluoride? Or coffee made with tap water.
    If you brush your teeth twice and get the maximum amount of fluoride, then drinking two cups of coffee made with tap water means you overdosed on fluoride.
    Fluoride rots your brain. Your pineal gland, and actually calcifies the brain.
    Harvard proved and published in the Lancet, that it lowers IQ in kids by 2 points.

    Cannabis doesn’t lower your IQ at all.
    Fluoride does.
    Fluoride even seeps into your body through your skin. So if you take 1 shower and brush your teeth two times a day, you are overdosing on fluoride.

    I am trying to help you take back control of your life. Your brains have been poisoned.
    Fluoride is now classified as a neurotoxin. Just like lead, arsenic and mercury.

    Like i said, I can win the debate any day of the week.
    And i am not even touching on 1/100000th of what i could tell you.

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