Australia issues CBD, hemp warning over illegal safety claims by US firms

Australian health authorities issued a warning about CBD and hemp products made in the United States, saying that some companies are illegally exporting CBD to Australia and claiming the products have been found safe – even though they have not been reviewed.

In a consumer alert issued Monday, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said “companies located in the United States have been illegally exporting cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products to persons in Australia without import permission.”

The agency did not name any U.S. companies sending CBD products to Australia.

However, the agency said it “is aware of at least one company” that falsely claims it was “invited” to register with the TGA.

“Consumers should remain cautious, as these claims can mislead them into believing the products have been or will be reviewed and approved … implying a level of safety, quality and effectiveness,” the agency said.

Australia changed its drug laws last year to allow human consumption of hemp foods, setting up a young market for hemp imports.

But cannabis extracts such as cannabidiol remain illegal to import without a license from Australia’s Office of Drug Control.