Australian CBD producer to distribute in Czech Republic

Talk about an international operation.

An Australian nutraceutical company that manufactures hemp-based CBD products in Switzerland is planning to sell them in the Czech Republic, according to a news release from the company, Creso Pharma.

Creso, a public company that trades on the Australian stock exchange, said it has signed a distribution agreement with the Czech company MEDI-IN s.r.o. to distribute CBDium, a “food supplemental health product,” in more than 300 retail outlets within the Czech Republic.

The move became possible after Creso acquired a company in Slovakia called Hemp-Industries, Creso’s chairman and co-founder said in the release.

CBDium is Creso’s first foray into the hemp and cannabis markets. According to the news release, the company is planning more research and development in Switzerland into cannabis-related products for both humans and animals.

The Czech Republic legalized medical marijuana in 2013.