Better Business Bureau warns of CBD ‘free trial’ scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to beware of CBD “free sample” offers because they could be covers for unscrupulous subscription sales.

The national consumer-advocacy group said in its alert that it has received “dozens of reports from frustrated consumers who thought they signed up for a free trial offer but ended up getting billed for hundreds of dollars” for CBD products.

Phony “free trial” offers frequently begin by asking shoppers to pay a nominal amount for shipping, the BBB says, then signing those consumers up for monthly subscription services that can be difficult to cancel.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, an independent government agency charged with consumer protection, finalized a $20,000 fine in March against CBD maker Bionatrol Health and Isle Revive of Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The penalty included accusations that the company used deceptive pricing techniques to mislead customers who clicked on an ad that said, “Get My Free Bottle!” into signing up to buy five bottles of CBD.