Canada forming panel to study CBD and other cannabis ‘health products’

Canada’s public health agency is putting together its committee to study the potential health benefits of products containing cannabis.

Health Canada said Thursday that it will begin taking nominations for a panel of experts who “will provide independent scientific and clinical advice to support the Department’s consideration of appropriate safety, efficacy and quality standards for health products containing cannabis …”

Canadian health officials received more than 1,100 responses from the public last month about the cannabis-infused health products the committee should study.

Current rules prohibit the use of cannabis, including hemp extracts such as CBD, in natural health products and veterinary health products.

Under the proposed new rules, provinces and territories would have the ability to authorize where cannabis health products could be sold, including, potentially, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and pet stores.

5 comments on “Canada forming panel to study CBD and other cannabis ‘health products’
  1. ChilliwackCBD on

    Thanks gosh, it’s about time! Canadian needs options to CBD based products legally. There is a big demand for it and people simply do not want the intoxicating effects from THC in their CBD products.

  2. Plant of Life on

    This is heartwarming news and I can see the community is growing. People should be more informed about the difference between THC and CBD, the benefits of non-psychoactive substance and it contributes to the wellness industry.

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