Canada hemp group seeks new low-THC cultivars to try in 2020

Canada’s national hemp-promotions association is asking seed breeders to submit new varieties for testing in 2020, with an eye toward sending more low-THC varieties to Health Canada for approval.

The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance told members Tuesday that it wants to test at least nine new seed varieties in 13 different regions. The group plans to put the varieties through seed trials in 2020 to test germination rates and THC content, among other metrics.

“We are taking a long-term view of expanding the hemp industry in Canada,” CHTA executive director Ted Haney said in a statement. “New cultivars are an important part of the future.”

The CHTA variety trials won’t lead to any cultivars being certified. But the data can be used to support an application for inclusion on Health Canada’s List of Approved Cultivars.

Seed breeders will be charged CA$700 to CA$1,000 to participate. Applications are due April 15.