Canadian health food association pushes back on CBD limits

“As a naturally occurring substance, CBD should be regulated as a natural health product,” CHFA President Helen Long said in a statement.

To find out more about the CHFA’s statement, click here.

One comment on “Canadian health food association pushes back on CBD limits
  1. Bill Myers on

    Hellth Canaduh hasn’t a clue how to handle the legalization of cannabis and regulate it or hemp. Many of the rules make no sense at all and some of the draconian laws that were enacted pertaining to the use and personal/medical growing of pot hearken back to the dark ages.

    It’s a freakin’ plant and compared to tobacco or alcohol virtually without harm.

    Since Prohibition 2.0 began all of us medical users have been tossed to the curb by the legal providers and our medicine still gets taxed! Hasn’t made a dent in the black market yet.

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