Canadian hemp company inks California distribution deal

A Canadian hemp company clinched a California distribution deal that will see its CBD-infused foods and waters on shelves in 550 dispensaries.

Phivida Holdings of Vancouver, British Columbia, said it struck the agreement Wednesday with Green Reef Distribution, a company in Santa Monica, California, that distributes cannabis products.

The Green Reef deal gives Phivida its first CBD presence in the U.S. market. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Phivida adds hemp-derived CBD to foods, juices and tinctures. The company’s stock is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol VIDA.

California is the world’s largest cannabis market, but the state does not yet allow hemp production.

A California hemp law passed in 2016 allowed interested farmers to grow hemp under limited conditions.

But two years later the program is yet to be implemented. The result is that many CBD products for sale in California are imported from out of state.

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3 comments on “Canadian hemp company inks California distribution deal
  1. Ronald Chamberlain on

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    • Shane on

      I was just saying this same things a few days ago Ron but I say add in a couple more names like Hersh, DuPont and Rockefeller as there propaganda was unfounded and undermined the health of the people as the environment

  2. johnny on

    For sure . Talk about a dictatorship in other countries, the good old U.S. of A should look in the mirror. Politicians should NOT be allowed to push through their personal agendas. Come now people why is this happening here in the Land of the FREE. I guess they will bullshit until the pile just falls down.. and then they aren’t around to answer for themselves.
    The old saying has always been proven to be right ” How can you tell when a politician is lying ? When they open their mouths ” This has to STOP.

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