Cancer specialist nominated to lead FDA

A cancer specialist from Houston has been chosen to take control of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is reviewing its CBD policy.

President Donald Trump on Friday picked Dr. Stephen Hahn of the MD Anderson Cancer Center to permanently lead the agency, pending congressional affirmation.

The 59-year-old oncologist would replace Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who stepped down in March.

Soon after Gottlieb’s departure, the FDA started a review of whether CBD should be allowed in foods and dietary supplements. The agency promised an update on the review to the public by late summer or early fall, though none has been made.

The FDA has said that CBD treatments are promising but more research needs to be done before federal authorities can allow them in foods and dietary supplements.

However, the FDA has left that position largely unenforced, leading to a proliferation of such products on store shelves.