CBD cafe to open in England

The United Kingdom is about to get its first “cannabis cafe” – sans THC.

The shop, which is planned for Manchester, will feature only CBD products manufactured in Germany from hemp.

“We have people filling it into bottles, branding it and bringing it over,” owner Colin Davies told the Manchester Evening News.

Davies isn’t marketing it as medicinal marijuana per se, and he’s very insistent that consumers won’t be able to get high from what he’s selling. The products do benefit those with epilepsy, cancer and Crohn’s disease, he maintained.

But Davies, a colorful and long-time activist in the United Kingdom, has a history of pushing the envelope with law enforcement.

In 2001, he opened a cannabis cafe dubbed the Dutch Experience, and it was raided within minutes by local cops. Then he was jailed the following year for importing and selling drugs.

Marijuana is illegal in the UK, but CBD-based treatments are allowed.