CBD extraction lab setting up in former health devices plant

A Colorado CBD manufacturer is moving its operations into a former GE Healthcare building west of Denver, drawn by access to its pharmaceutical-grade equipment and vacuum-sealed rooms.

Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs will extract CBD from hemp on the property, which will also serve as headquarters for several other company operations, including a 70-acre hemp farm in southern Colorado.

The company is leasing the 26,180-square-foot facility with an option to buy.

The building was formerly used to manufacture health-related devices such as pacemakers.

“As in all gold-rush scenarios, there are a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there trying to pass off subpar CBD products with no proof of efficacy,” Boulder Botanical CEO Robert Di Marco said in a statement.

The company plans to have the facility operational by this fall. It has already hired about a half-dozen former GE employees who used to work at the site.

Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs makes tinctures, topicals and capsules and also extracts CBD products for other companies.