CBD import deals pick up in Canada ahead of new regulations

Canada’s cannabis industry isn’t waiting for looming regulatory changes that will permit companies to process domestically grown hemp flowers for CBD extraction.

To capitalize on the current boom in cannabidiol products, Canadian companies are turning to imported CBD.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Isodiol International, a company that produces CBD in Europe, announced a deal to supply the product to a licensed marijuana company in Alberta.

Sundial Growers will source CBD isolate from Isodiol’s production facility in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this month, Isodiol made a similar agreement to import CBD for Zenabis, a privately held cannabis company that grows marijuana in British Columbia and New Brunswick.

Terms of the import agreements were not announced.

The companies also have not announced the volume of CBD isolate involved in the agreements, nor how it will be used.

Canada is among the world’s top hemp producers, but Canadian growers are not allowed to process hemp flowers to extract CBD oil. That is expected to change when soon-to-be-approved marijuana regulations are enacted.

Isodiol International trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange as ISOL.

11 comments on “CBD import deals pick up in Canada ahead of new regulations
  1. Caliber Biotherapeutics on

    Canada is taking an amazin step forward for North America and I hope the USA follows their lead, and allows these amazing CBD and Marijuana industries to explode! CBD is used to help millions of people everyday an easy access should be a main concern!

  2. patrick van der gugten on

    hi is there any opportunity too export CBD oil too the Netherlands for wholesale
    so we can put it into the dutch market

  3. Kirby on

    Looking for information to import to Canada CBD Hemp Isolate & Oil (Bulk Wholesale) from USA. Any info, CIFA, CBSA, Brokers, Transport, etc, would help. What is required from USA Labs to ship across border into Canada?

  4. Rem on

    I am going to be producing CBD distillate and isolate from Romania. Are there any barriers to exporting this product to the U.S.? CBD is legal in both countries.

    Thank you!

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