Alabama state officials tell public to avoid CBD products

Retailers who sell CBD products in Alabama are getting mixed messages now that the Department of Health is asking the public to avoid using CBD.

It’s a move that directly conflicts with the state’s direction in December that authorized hemp-derived CBD production and sales.

While CBD derived from marijuana remains illegal, Alabama was the first state to formally change its legal interpretation of hemp-derived CBD in response to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Alabama’s State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Harris, issued a statement on Thursday that said CBD products are “untested, unregulated and dangerous” and should be avoided, reported

“Products labeled as CBD oil and/or other CBD-related products might contain any number of substances, and there is no assurance they are safe to consume as they have not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,” Harris said.

Harris listed symptoms that may occur with exposure to synthetic CBD.

5 comments on “Alabama state officials tell public to avoid CBD products
  1. Teresa Donahue on

    How ignorant can people be? CBD is only used at a rate of a few drops per dose, no one is being harmed by CBD from any cannabis source. Unless it comes from China.

  2. Cheryl Kumberg on

    I find this very interesting. As a medical professional and cannabis educator I have to ask myself have they ever looked at CBD lab results on products sold in their state? Every product batch should have one. Does FDA approval make it safer? Look at what the FDA has approved that is currently killing people and animals. This is a great example of no common sense at the state level. Wow…

    • william on

      I couldnt agree more. I grew industrial grade hemp several strains in fact for a few years in TN at the acre level and the oil we produced had major impact on pain levels in individuals to help keep the pain managable.

  3. Chad on

    As usual the representatives of this state are showing their own ignorance. If they would only take the time and listen to the voices of the professionals at UAB who have been studying the effects of CBD for the last two years. Unfortunately the only voices heard are those who make the biggest campaign contributions like Big Pharmaceutical company Reps. maybe??
    Every CBD product I have purchased in Alabama has included a lab report results on the package! Please stop spreading fear through plain lies, and do your job, listen to the people you represent!!! And listen to the doctors at UAB who were paid with our tax dollars for studies on the effects of CBD, it’s simple common sense!

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