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Canadian hemp grower expanding into Colorado with line of CBD products

A Canadian company will expand into Colorado via a licensing agreement to put hemp-derived CBD products in Colorado dispensaries. Friday Night, which owns a medical marijuana cultivator and CBD company in Las Vegas, announced that its subsidiary, Infused MFG, will contract with concentrate manufacturer Denver Dab Co. Denver Dab will make CBD topicals, tinctures, supplements, vape […]

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Colorado designates hemp a food ingredient to prevent drug crackdown

Colorado became the first state to designate hemp as a food product, a change designed to safeguard manufacturers who add hemp extracts to foods and cosmetics. The law also states that federal drug authorities may not interfere with the sale of nonpharmaceutical cannabis extracts.

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CBD’s legal status remains a conundrum – even for the DEA

Less than a month after a court decision upheld the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency stance that CBD is an illegal drug made from marijuana, the agency released a statement clarifying its position and separating hemp-derived cannabidiol from its enforcement.

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