Christmas tree shortage possible as farmers switch to hemp

Farmers moving to hemp production could cause shortages of other crops, including Christmas trees.

Consumers should make their yearly pilgrimage to pick out the perfect tree for the holidays sooner than later, according to experts, because some tree farmers have pivoted away from the crop to concentrate on faster-growing, more profitable crops such as hemp.

One Texas tree wholesaler saw his order cut by 30% this year, John Patton of Patton Christmas Trees in Dallas told

The biggest shortage is for larger trees, 8 feet and taller. The later timing for Thanksgiving could also cause consumers to lose out on trees this year.

More details about the Christmas tree shortage are available here.

2 comments on “Christmas tree shortage possible as farmers switch to hemp
  1. George on

    Just a note of thanks to the farmers switching to a safer commodity. Putting dead trees in our living spaces should have stopped a 1000 years ago. It was dangerous then and is dangerous now. Production/cultivation of hemp is only dangerous to humans when we add law enforcement to the equation.

    “Fires from Christmas trees were also dangerous, with 200 fires occurring between 2009 and 2011. Of these fires, 10 people died and 20 were injured.”

    • david on

      So Mr. George, The more hemp we grow, the more lives we save. Now that’s (value added) . I wonder how much extra tax that will cost farmers?

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