Colorado Hemp Farm Granted ‘Organic’ Label by USDA

A hemp farm in Colorado has broken the organic glass ceiling.

That is, it’s the nation’s first hemp producer to get the formal blessing of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to label its crop “organic,” a prized marketing tool that is often used lightly in the cannabis industry.

CBDRx, a hemp grower in northern Colorado, requested the certification from the USDA and obtained it after a third-party audit, according to KUNC. The company can now use the formal USDA organic seal in its marketing, a major first in the cannabis industry.

A spokesperson for the USDA wrote to CBDRx to inform the company that it could be certified organic as long as it’s grown to specifics under the federal Farm Bill, but the same person also wrote in 2015 that “marijuana may not be certified organic under the USDA organic regulations.”

That throws the entire “organic” label, and various stances of government agencies, into even more contention, and could help set the stage for further action by Congress.

Regardless, the news is another step forward for clarity when it comes to cannabis regulations, especially with the term “organic.” Just last year, the Colorado attorney general announced she was investigating several marijuana companies that may have been using the word inappropriately in their marketing.

7 comments on “Colorado Hemp Farm Granted ‘Organic’ Label by USDA
    • clark on

      With all the comercial cannabis on the market grown fully synthetic, we should welcome the coming of Organics even if it is watered down by the USDA standard. BTW OMRI doesn’t make any rule… they just follow the NOP rules. SO yes there are allowed synthetics in certain types of ammendments. The NOP is much stricter for Organic growing than it is for food processing. If you understand the standard you can make better choices. Right a large percentage of people assume growing marijuana is done Organically… But most growers are uneducated about Organics, so an inspection by a certifier is welcome in our opinion.

  1. bongstar420 on

    Also, you can claim “organic” all you want

    You cannot claim USDA/OMRI organic unless you meet the regulatory specifications. Since the USDA is not authorized to certify Federally Banned Substances, it should go without saying.

    • EJ on

      We do not need to pay a certified inspector fees, to tell us what we knew we did, as growing organically, on what ever product or commodity we grew. As the grower, organic whether certified or not, still is “Good for our Earth and body”

      Hemp-up USDA in every state, that is licensed to cultivate.

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