Colorado joins hemp states giving up on USDA approval for 2020 season

Colorado is the latest hemp state to withdraw its request to win federal approval for regulating the crop in 2020.

The state’s governor, attorney general and agriculture commissioner said Colorado will not seek U.S. Department of Agriculture approval for 2020, joining several other markets that are exercising the option to use their old hemp rules until they expire this fall.

The officials also sent the USDA a 32-page letter blasting the national rules set by the agency.

“Rather than serving the public interest, the (USDA rule) subverts it by precluding experienced stakeholders from shaping the regulatory scheme upon which their livelihoods depend,” the Colorado officials wrote.

The USDA released the rules last fall, and hemp entrepreneurs have been howling since that they’re too strict.

Colorado joined other industry members in complaining about the prescribed testing and sampling regime outlined by the USDA.

The state officials also added a laundry list of new complaints about everything from a lack of seed-breeding guidance to the fact that the USDA didn’t set up a system to document hemp for interstate transportation.

Colorado said many of the rules are “unnecessary, burdensome and may potentially have a devastating impact” on the industry.

The state officials went on to accuse the USDA of violating federal law by not having a justification to craft a final rule without giving “notice and comment” time to the public.

3 comments on “Colorado joins hemp states giving up on USDA approval for 2020 season
  1. Pat Jack on

    The USDA is working on behalf of the extremely wealthy and powerful who maintain majority and interlocking directorate, extended controlling interests in Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big War and have significant holdings in illegal money laundering and organized crime across the globe.

    “They”, don’t want the peasants participating in a double digit billion dollar business that competes with their interests, therefore, they create rules and regulations which only the largest companies with bottomless war chests can comply with, and rules and regulations their lobbyists will write. This is the way.

    Know your enemy. The rules and regulations are not designed to “restrict” an emerging business sector, the hemp industry, they are designed to break the common man down and preclude the peasant’s/subject’s ability to gain traction in an extremely lucrative industry of which the wealthiest among us want complete control.

    The rules and regulations are designed to protect the interests of the prison industrial complex, the war machine, the federal reserve private banking system, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big AG, and Big Everything.

    It’s not malicious, it’s purely evil, it’s fascism in its purest form where government allies with the wealthiest and most powerful industries to makes laws, rules and regulations to insure they will control industry. It’s that simple, it’s pure, textbook fascism.

    • Steven Allen: Middleton on

      Oh and they hate it when someone, anyone challenges them… I believe there should be guidelines because I don’t want any pesticides on/in my bud…

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