Congress to FDA: We need CBD answers by Friday

(This article has been updated to include a response from the FDA.)

Saying that states need “immediate leadership” on CBD in food, drugs and cosmetics, 12 members of Congress have asked the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release updated guidance by Friday.

The letter, first posted Tuesday by Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree, claims that recent CBD crackdowns in New York City, Maine and Ohio have “spread a tremendous amount of confusion” among hemp entrepreneurs.

The members of Congress warn that the FDA’s silence has created the “patchwork of state regulations” that make it confusing to CBD manufacturers and retailers.

Specifically, the lawmakers are asking:

  • When the FDA plans to give the industry “guidance on lawful pathways” on CBD food, suggesting that existing FDA standards on ingredients considered safe would be one possibility.
  • If the agency advised New York, Maine or Ohio about CBD in foods.
  • When a public hearing on CBD will be held, as FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb promised in December.

A spokesman for the FDA told Hemp Industry Daily late Tuesday that the agency would not comment on the letter, preferring to respond to members of Congress first.

He did not say if the agency response would be ready by Friday.

3 comments on “Congress to FDA: We need CBD answers by Friday
  1. JC on

    The states just need to get with the program and stop expecting the FDA to be the law. The hemp bill makes it legal, allow hemp under the .3 to be sold, grown, shipped and processed. You won’t get high on it but you may very well get healthy. Stop giving away your 10th Amendment rights to federal entities.

  2. Craig on

    Policies for freedom of the Cannabis plant would be….all cannabis is legal,can be grown manufactured,grown any where and everywhere, set the plant free for everyone.If you get caught trafficking the penalties of law are stronger loose your home thousands of dollars in fines and prison.If everyone is aloud to grow no crimes no taxes no legislative action needed, no law enforcement.SET THE PLANT FREE (This scenario will not happen but it sure sounds good when freedom rings)

  3. bruce on

    Considering the bastardizing this plant has gone through, schedule 1; give me a break, we have been using CBD for over 6 years.
    Since the 60’s and ages before the government has played games with this plant. CBD does amazing things and the longer they wait, the more confused the market becomes.

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