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No CBD in food, no applications from felons under new Utah hemp rules

Utah approved new hemp rules to allow production to begin with the next growing season – and while the regulations allow for cannabinoid extraction, adding CBD to foods is a strict no-go. The state plans to charge hemp farmers $500 for a one-year license. Hemp can be grown for CBD extraction, and both indoor and outdoor […]

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Hemp dispute may be harbinger of approaching legal storm

Two companies are in a legal tussle over what destroyed a 600-acre hemp farming joint venture in Colorado – a conflict that industry experts say could be the first of many as eager investors and firms try to cash in on budding business opportunities. In a recent California Superior Court filing, California-based H2 Partners claims that […]

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Hemp Notebook: Hemp’s scramble to distance itself from marijuana veers into misinformation

(This is an abridged version of a column that appears in the July issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Not all hemp misinformation comes from anti-drug enemies of cannabis; some of it comes from hemp acolytes themselves. A recent comment from hemp’s most powerful friend in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, drove home for me a […]

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Florida gets DEA clearance to grow hemp in 2019

Florida agriculture officials have completed preparations to grow hemp in the Sunshine State and say they’re ready to plant seeds in 2019. According to Growing Produce, a trade publication for specialty-crop growers, that’s far sooner than originally expected. Florida legalized hemp production in 2017, but officials warned it could take several years to find a […]

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Soured CBD deal highlights need for ‘persnickety’ due diligence

A tantalizing innovation in the CBD market has turned into a nasty contract dispute that spans the globe.

Bomi Joseph, a California plant breeder, is suing CBD Naturals, a company that has been associated with Canadian CBD manufacturer Isodi. Isodiol once held distribution rights to Joseph’s self-proclaimed innovation – a cannabidiol product derived from a hops variant

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Health Canada creates exemption for hemp farmers to harvest flower

Canadian hemp farmers will be allowed to harvest the entire plant – including flower – before the Cannabis Act takes effect in October. A new exemption issued by Health Canada last week allows farmers to harvest and store previously disallowed parts of the plant, but they won’t be able to sell it until after Oct. […]

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