Curaleaf now faces 7 suits in Oregon over CBD-THC mix-up

Marijuana multistate operator Curaleaf Holdings continues to be hit with federal lawsuits in Oregon from customers claiming they required medical attention after taking CBD drops that actually contained THC.

Seven suits now have been filed in U.S. District Court in Oregon in connection with a mix-up of the company’s Select CBD Drops, according to court records.

In the latest suit, filed Nov. 19, Ayuba Agbonkhese alleged that he required “immediate medical treatment in the emergency room, and experienced harm including the belief he was going to die, shaking, racing heart, psychosis, discomfort, and distress, and interference with life activities.”

The seven lawsuits, each filed by attorney Michael Fuller, are seeking damages of up to 1% of Curaleaf’s net worth.

Massachusetts-based Curaleaf has attributed the mix-up to an “unintentional human error at our facility that led to the production of a batch of CBD drops that were actually THC drops and vice versa.”

The company has apologized, worked with Oregon regulators to recall the two batches in question and said it is reviewing its production processes to prevent future mix-ups.