Czech extraction facility gets green light to export full-spectrum extract to Spain

Health officials in the Czech Republic have allowed a local extraction facility to export full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabis extract to a Spanish pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer.

Prague-based PharmaCan s.r.o. was granted an export authorization from the Czech Ministry of Health to send 500 grams of extract to Spain, the company’s subsidiary CBDepot said in a statement on its website.

The extract is being sent to Worldpharma Biotech S.L., a Spanish company that manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients from vegetable sources.

The delivery is expected to take place early next month, “as soon as flight connections to Valencia resume,” CBDepot Chief Sales Officer Boris Banas was quoted as saying.

“Our shipping agents have already prepared the compliant logistics route,” Banas added.

Spain’s Health Ministry authorized Worldpharma Biotech to work with cannabis extracts for preclinical research related to nervous system diseases and the development of drugs for topical use, Worldpharma Biotech CEO Juan José García Miguel was quoted as saying.

“This is a huge milestone for our licensed cannabis extraction facility towards developing a standardized, THC containing full spectrum extracts for new markets and applications,” said Jan Storch, CEO of PharmaCan.