Davis Farms of Oregon receives plant patents, aligns with The Hemp Mine

Two U.S. hemp genetics producers on opposite coasts are joining forces to improve quality standards for compliant hemp flower.

Davis Farms, based in Bend, Oregon, and The Hemp Mine of Fair Play, South Carolina, are working together to select genetics through novel breeding, trialing and production that will allow farmers to grow premium hemp flower.

“Our hope is to set a precedence in the industry for collaboration versus unhealthy competition,” Allison Justice,  founder & CEO of The Hemp Mine, said in a statement about the alliance.

“The Hemp Mine and Davis Hemp Farms intend to stay in this industry for the long-term, and we see no better way to do this and grow than by joining forces and combining (our) skills … for the benefit of the farmer.”

The goal of the collaboration is to discover the best examples of select varieties from the Davis Farms Mariposa line of genetics through field phenotype hunting.

The two companies, with the support and sponsorship of independent testing companies Florida-based Kaycha Labs and Result Group in Colorado, will field-test seeds from Davis Farms’ ‘Painted Lady’ and ‘Eighty Eight’ hemp varieties at The Hemp Mine’s South Carolina farm.

Davis Farms received Plant Patent approvals from the U.S. Patent and Trade Office on these two novel varieties, the company announced this week, following news that the varieties were added to the Health Canada list of approved cultivars.

The field-hardy varieties, which are part of Davis Farms’ Mariposa line, include genetic material from “American feral” plants originating in the Midwest, which have survived the elements for more than 70 years and may represent hemp brought into the country from India and China in the 17th and 18 centuries, according to Jeremy Klettke, founder and CEO of Davis Farms.

Seed-propagated plants from Davis Farms will go through comprehensive analytics for cannabinoids and terpenes, and clones and unrooted cuttings of selections from these genetics will be available through The Hemp Mine and its distributors.

Farmers will be able to see plant performance firsthand during The Hemp Mine’s annual Field Day trial event the first week of September.

“We recognize the ground that can be gained by working with responsible and proven companies like The Hemp Mine,” Klettke said.

“I see this as a win for the farmers whose success going forward depends a lot on procuring stable & compliant genetics.”