DEA affirms hemp’s new status, sends notice that plant is legal

More than six months after hemp was made legal in the United States, federal drug authorities have updated their guidance to remind law enforcement that hemp is no longer a controlled substance.

A notice posted Monday by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) cited the 2018 Farm Bill in noting that “certain forms of cannabis no longer require DEA registration to grow or manufacture.”

The agency went on to say that “hemp, including hemp plants and cannabidiol (CBD) preparations at or below the 0.3 percent delta-9 THC threshold is not a controlled substance.”

The DEA notice didn’t change the law or make hemp legal; that occurred last year.

But because the agency had yet to remind national law enforcement through its regular bulletins that hemp is legal, some hemp businesses found themselves fighting legal confusion about the plant’s status.

Attorneys who represent hemp clients told Hemp Industry Daily that the DEA statement is an overdue affirmation of cannabis legality.

The DEA also announced Monday that it will expand research on higher-THC varieties of cannabis classified as marijuana.

45 comments on “DEA affirms hemp’s new status, sends notice that plant is legal
  1. billy on

    hemp flowers are banned in Indiana as of June 1st 2019. with the idea stating that hemp is legal what can be done about the legal status of hemp flowers in my state

      • denny brock on

        Ky will charge you with marijuana if your caught growing hemp without a permit, crazy, and i can’t see it holding up in court and

      • William Clark on

        Or Illinois. Or California, Hawaii, Alaska . . . the list is growing longer. At least ten States have decriminalized completely.

        Prohibition of cannabis has been built on a tissue of lies: Concern For Public Safety. Our new laws save hundreds of lives every year, on our highways alone. In 2012 a study released by 4AutoinsuranceQuote revealed that marijuana users are safer drivers than non-marijuana users, as “the only significant effect that marijuana has on operating a motor vehicle is slower driving”, which “is arguably a positive thing”.

        In November of 2011, a study at the University of Colorado found that in the thirteen states that decriminalized marijuana between 1990 and 2009, traffic fatalities dropped by nearly nine percent—now nearly ten percent in Michigan—less than their previous rates, while sales of beer went flat by five percent. No wonder Big Alcohol opposes it. Ambitious, unprincipled, profit-driven undertakers might be tempted too. Fewer bodies on the road, folks. Hundreds of them, every year.

  2. Billy Gray on

    It is good to see the government open it’s eyes. If the people want it. They should have it.
    Constitution still starts with, “WE THE PEOPLE” not “us the few”

  3. Frank Garcia on

    North Carolina is currently trying to pass a bill SB315 which bans “Smokeable Hemp” and another bill sb325 (I believe) that classifies hemp as a schedule VI drug same as marijuana. Does federal law supersede state law when it comes to help being legal?

  4. Kevin on

    It’s never been called marijuana. Marijuana is the name of the drug harvested from Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis the plant, marijuana the drug harvested from the plant. The Cannabis plant belonging to the family cannabacea, from the suborder Urticalean Rosids, from the order Rosales. You should research what you consume

  5. Radena Clark on

    This is awesome for my business!
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    find me on facebook (Radena Clark)or message me here! I can’t wait to get you started.

  6. Stessa Thompson on

    Well, it’s about time the DEA made it very, very clear–HEMP-CBD IS NOT A DRUG!
    I, too, look forward to being of support for business development, B2B opportunities, farm futures, bulk cbd products, white label opportunities, as the products being made for the public, truly are a great health benefit; and for so many people! I am here to be supportive of all of you. Contact me if you want any support with bulk products, or business development. [email protected]

  7. CannNeutra on

    If some of the other alphabet agencies could step up to the plate that would be nice. At the very least, Congress needs to step in and give the American people what they want. The polls are in the numbers are there, but Congress keeps relying on information from agencies that only seem to be in existence to protect the interests of big pharma instead og the interest of the American People,

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