DEA lashes out in hemp lawsuit, says hemp activists are trying to ‘hijack’ agency priorities

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is pushing back hard against a hemp association’s attempt to find out if the agency considers temporary byproducts of hemp production a Schedule 1 substance.

The DEA told a federal judge this week that the agency “is not required to explain how the (rule) applies to every hypothetical circumstance.”

The DEA called the request from the Hemp Industries Association and a South Carolina CBD maker, RE Botanicals, “inappropriate.”

Further, the DEA chastised the hemp activists for asking for a speedy resolution.

“It is never appropriate for a private party … to hijack an agency’s policymaking process to receive expedited consideration of their own concerns,” the DEA said.

The hemp plaintiffs are trying to modify a DEA rule issued last summer. The DEA says it was simply updating its policies to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed low-THC cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

Hemp activists argue that the DEA is making an illegal power grab by saying that hemp extracts are Schedule 1 controlled substances during a portion of the extraction process when the plant’s THC levels spike above what’s allowed.

The DEA also told the district court judge that the hemp case belongs instead in an appeals court.

10 comments on “DEA lashes out in hemp lawsuit, says hemp activists are trying to ‘hijack’ agency priorities
  1. Shawn Crawford on

    Instead of worrying about meth, heroin, you know actual drugs, the dea is worried about hemp!?!? That’s a typical government agency pissing tax dollars away, WTF?!?!?! Do some real work dea ??

  2. Jeffrey Miller on

    We’re trying to get an industry “stood up” which is difficult enough in itself, while at the same time, the DEA acts as if every hemp farmer, processor and retailer are trying to sneak some kind of marijuana lite into the market. Anyone associated with hemp ( in the DEA’s warped view) is trying to pull a fast one.

  3. CharlesA on

    The biggest drug cartel in the world (DEA) is trying to keep itself relevant regarding hemp (a federally legal commodity crop). The DEA wants to keep its hand in the hemp cookie jar ($$$).
    The DEA should no longer have ANY jurisdiction over hemp. Any oversight regarding hemp should be assigned to a different regulatory body/agency. The DEA should not have any say over which labs can test hemp products either. These actions are obvious power grabs/MONEY grabs by the world’s biggest illegal drugs cartel (DEA).
    The DEA needs to keep its priorities straight: focus on combating hard illegal drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine. Cease being greedy tools and stop meddling with a federally legal commodity crop (hemp).

  4. Fernie on

    Hemp is used for textiles and paper products and hundreds of ways to help our forests thrive! Industries use hemp for this, not for recreational purposes!! DEA you are corrupt in everything you touch! Leave honest people alone!!

    • CharlesA on

      To clarify an important point:
      Even if adults of legal age choose to responsibly consume smokeable HEMP products, which contain the maximum currently legal permissible amount of THC (0.3%), that should be their right. Smokable hemp products are another option for consumers that are looking for an alternative to toxic tobacco and intoxicating cannabis. There is a great market demand for smokable hemp products, federal and state regulators need to recognize and respect this fact.

  5. Joseph Kirkpatrick on

    This demonstrates exactly why the NHA Standing Committee of Hemp Organizations has developed and submitted a plan to create a FACA committee for hemp that supersedes the authority of these broken agencies and puts these policy decisions in the hands of experts who answer directly to Congress, the Administration, and the Courts.

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