Dutch-bred hemp varieties licensed for distribution in the Americas

International Hemp, a Denver hemp-genetics producer and distributor, has received exclusive rights to license and distribute two hemp fiber varieties, Enectarol and Carmenecta, in the U.S. and the Americas.

The two varieties are bred by Enecta, a Dutch plant breeding company specializing in phytocannabinoids and developing high-yield hemp varieties.

International Hemp will begin producing the new varieties at commercial volumes with domestic seed production partners in 2022 and expects to have samples available with corresponding yield data by 2023.

Enectarol is a dual-purpose variety that produces high-quality fiber from its stalk and up to 8% concentration of CBG in its flowers, according to a company statement.

Carmenectra was bred as a high-yielding fiber variety, with quality similar to Carmagnola, but selected for THC compliance.

Both varieties have been trialed and approved by state-level certifying organizations, including the Colorado Seed Growers Association, and have met THC compliance tests conducted by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.