Ex-Trump appointee joins US Hemp Roundtable

A former federal prosecutor in western Kentucky has re-joined the U.S. Hemp Roundtable to lead efforts to cooperate with law enforcement.

Russell Coleman was appointed by former President Donald Trump as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky. He served from 2017 until Jan. 20, resigning when President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable, an advocacy group for hemp operators, says that Coleman will ensure members abide by the group’s ethics policy. He is also charged with serving as a “liaison for the hemp industry to law enforcement officials across the country.”

Coleman held the same role at the Hemp Roundtable before his appointment as a federal prosecutor.

Coleman also formerly worked for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who is from Kentucky and is credited for steering hemp legalization in 2018.

Coleman “has modeled integrity and character in decades of public and private sector service, and both his example and his experience will help ensure that we have an industry for which we can be proud,” U.S. Hemp Roundtable lawyer Jonathan Miller said in a statement.

3 comments on “Ex-Trump appointee joins US Hemp Roundtable
  1. steve smith on

    Speaking as the Vice President of the US Hemp Round Table, I/we feel quite honored to have an individual with the highest levels professionalism, dedication, and respect from both sides of the aisle on the USHRT team. Mr. Coleman will be a key player in our group’s ongoing efforts to create a respected and appropriately regulated industry.

    • WesternUSCA1 on

      It would be great if Mr. Coleman, yourself (Mr. Smith), and the entire USHRT team could please work towards convincing all relevant law enforcement agencies and departments that smokable hemp flower products are an important component to the overall success of the hemp industry.
      Banning smokable hemp flower is comparable to banning non-alcoholic beer because it’s too similar to regular alcohol beer.
      If smokable hemp flower is banned across the board, I can assure you that our international competitors will be very glad to take the entire global market share for themselves, while mocking us for our naïveté.
      Thank you.

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