EXCLUSIVE: Dominant Florida medical cannabis supplier sees huge CBD dip

Trulieve Cannabis, the predominant player in Florida’s medical marijuana industry, has experienced a huge drop-off in milligrams of CBD sold in Florida over the past eight weeks.

The trend accelerated this week, according to data analysis from Marijuana Business Daily‘s Investor Intelligence analysts.

Trulieve’s market share of CBD sales has fallen nearly 20 percentage points since mid-December.

The CBD plummet is not a statewide issue affecting all or even most competitors. Total milligrams of CBD sold in Florida is relatively flat at around 2 million to 2.2 million milligrams of CBD sold per week.

The drop came as Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services started to oversee products containing hemp and CBD ingredients ingested by humans and animals.

Tallahassee-based Trulieve has not responded to analyst questions about the CBD drop.

More information about CBD sales in Florida’s marijuana dispensaries, sign up for the premium Investor Intelligence service is available here.

3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Dominant Florida medical cannabis supplier sees huge CBD dip
  1. Carl Price on

    People Ihave delt with were very helpful in completing my application. They went through the process and help me overcome some of the problems related to computer and phones, together we got through and was registered. I thank them for their help.

  2. Alex Rados on

    where do you get the data that 2.2 million milligrams of CBD are being consumed per week? if that is the case, then the entire Florida market only consumes 114.4 Kg of Isolate per year!!! (52 weeks x 2.2 kgs per week)….

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