Exclusive webcast: Live Q&A on USDA’s new hemp rules

, Exclusive webcast: Live Q&A on USDA’s new hemp rulesThe new national hemp rules from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are out, and they could bring big changes for your hemp business.

Hemp Industry Daily Editor Kristen Nichols sits down Tuesday to field questions live about the upcoming changes to the USDA hemp rules.

Topics will include:

  • THC testing procedures.
  • What to expect from your state.
  • New guidance on destroying “hot hemp.”

Submit questions before the webcast by emailing Nichols at [email protected]

The webcast will begin Tuesday at noon ET/9 a.m. PT.


2 comments on “Exclusive webcast: Live Q&A on USDA’s new hemp rules
  1. RGreen Services- TLC Lab Supply on

    Due to the fact that the Federal Government still has cannabis as a class 1 Felony there are no Federal testing standards in the USA, there are standards for every other product for public purchase but not for Hemp or Cannabis, so every lab test a little different and getting consistent results for cannabis product form lab to lab is a challenge using GC or HPLC machines ( among many other problems) https://www.thctestkits.com/3labtesting/. More 0.3% thc in a Hemp plant will disqualify the plant for CBD product production according to global law which most any lab can not test that low consistently for many reasons but recently the US Ag dept. has put out a statement stating that labs can say that they have a “measurement of uncertainty” to protect Hemp growers from criminal action- There are just to many problems to list on this page

  2. Armon Pearson on

    So how is it the farmer purchases seeds or clones that are marketed as those producing less than 0.03%. Manages plants, irrigates, cultivates with best management practices and then at harvest time it tests “hot” and now has nothing for time, money and effort.
    why would anyone want to participate in this industry?
    Let’s not make it advantageous for American farmers lets go ahead and let all other countries dominate so we can import their Hemp
    Change the regulations and make it attractive and profitable for the American farmer.

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