FDA sends two more CBD warning letters

Two companies, one in California and the other in Michigan, are the latest to receive warning letters about CBD from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The warnings posted Monday accuse BioLyte Laboratories of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Honest Globe of Santa Ana, California, of selling CBD pain relief products over the counter, a violation of federal law.

“No CBD-containing drug has met applicable FDA requirements to be legally marketed for nonprescription use,” the FDA told Honest Globe.

BioLyte was warned that CBD can’t be sold even as an inactive ingredient. The agency noted that BioLyte’s label mentioned “pain relief cream with rejuvenating CBD.”

The companies must respond within 15 days.

The FDA’s latest CBD warnings come two months after the agency withdrew suggested CBD regulations that were awaiting White House review.

President Joe Biden has yet to name a permanent FDA commissioner; Dr. Janet Woodcock has been serving as acting commissioner since Jan. 20.

2 comments on “FDA sends two more CBD warning letters
  1. Gina Chiodo on

    Joe Biden is ruining everything. He’s a real asshole. CBD helps me with my shoulder pain. Also the FDA needs to leave the Hemp growers alone. There’s nothing wrong with CBD, it helps people who need it.

  2. Bob on

    You can still buy all the CBD you want in most states. All that this story is about is how you can’t label the CBD in a way which makes it a drug under the FDA’s statutes (which comes down to saying it treats or cures anything. So selling it as “pain relief” is not allowed, saying it is soothing, etc. is okay.

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