Federal appropriations bill includes nearly $20 million in hemp industry provisions

A $1.4 trillion federal spending bill that passed both houses of Congress and was expected to be signed Friday by President Donald Trump reportedly includes provisions that would benefit hemp and CBD businesses.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 secures nearly $20 million in funding for the growing hemp industry, according to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky who is a senior member of the Senate Appropriations and Agriculture Committee, and Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, both Democrats from Oregon, worked to include the provisions in the 2020 federal spending act, according to advocacy group Vote Hemp.

The bill includes:

  • $16.5 million for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to implement hemp provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill.
  • $2 million for the research of hemp through Agriculture Research Service (ARS) sites.
  • A measure encouraging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue formal enforcement discretion guidance for CBD products.
  • A provision directing the Farm Credit Administration to offer services to hemp producers and businesses.
  • A prohibition barring the federal government from banning the transfer, production or sale of hemp in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill.
  • Support for competitive USDA grants for hemp projects.
  • A measure to support the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) efforts to deploy technology to enable law enforcement to distinguish between hemp and marijuana in the field.
3 comments on “Federal appropriations bill includes nearly $20 million in hemp industry provisions
  1. Dr Kelley Elkins on

    Thank you…
    I am wanting to grow fiber hemp, I am not interested in the CBD hype…fiber appears to me to have a much stronger and less complicated future..so, why are the THC rules the same for both fiber and CBD hemp? Fiber hemp product does not, as I see it, involve use as a dosing, topical or other wise. The primary products are used industrially only… fiber for textiles, hurd for insulation, hempcrete, press board, paper, etc – and the biomass and seed for next years planting… biomass as compost, bio-char, etc… and seed for my own use the next season and selling to others wanting fiber seed…
    And yet I am hesitant to invest in a large enough capacity to make it worth my while ..tractors and tools, acquiring buildings, processing equipment to include decorticator and of course hiring people… a processed fiber hemp product with contracts already negotiated and we have to play this game.. for this insanely small amount of THC content meaning success or total failure…I could almost feel Las Vegas… “place your bets”..
    Why can’t this be negotiated up front?…”I faithfully swear I am growing fiber hemp with no interest in CBD.. with processing equipment for fiber, hurd, biomass and seed… contracts readily being negotiated…” It only makes sense… let’s reduce the gamble and get people hired and an industry started that favors many. Made in the USA!

  2. Keri on

    This shows how truly ignorant and greedy our elected officials have been,and still are…..they have NO qualms whatsoever offering and insisting that people in pain or depressed – because of the pain ,well at least Medicaid and Medicare patients,goes through months of “protocol” meds ultram,tramodol,Zoloft,Prozac,ellexor ,cymbalta,then there is your anti-crazy pills,trazadone,ammutripuline, and all those REALLY BAD poison chemicals,that most patients have way worse side effects…4 pages long,of life threatening effects ….this stuff that the drug dealer we call “Dr.” so eagerly shoves down our throat when we already know what works …but we might be prone to addiction,so we can’t use the cheap safe meds,we need to be ADDICTED to $900.00 a bottle anti depressant that so many have committed suicide when trying to stop, because they were no longer covered,or the stuff just plane made them sick, they are ruining the nation with this monstrosity of a crime ,! the medical field in bed with the loser insurance frauds and little did we know the doctors could have private cost sheet for Medicaid,self pay,or private insurance……and don’t even get me going on bushes wife’s sisters pharma that not only jacks the prices up to poor people on assistance ,but does not give them the care they need but whatever the lobbyist was selling that day,that year,new house,car,….hell,the sadistic mad scientist doctors in the states don’t even hide the fact that pharma pays way better than the usual paycheck……gates said it ,vaccinations are nothing but population control ,and guess what .?…he was right. The other HUGE thing I freak out about is our secret silent sweep of America and how we are so dumbed down,we OBEY….TRUST.,.,,,CONSUMe……and forget to ask WHY.? We need to LEGALIZe across the BOARd……we have lost loved ones to this war that was not fought on behalf of the people but once again white haired uneducated republican politicians that think it’s ok to criminalize citizens and strip them of public respect while they have there life seized by uneducated police,that don’t know the difference nor would it matter ,between hemp and cannabis because most don’t have the funds to contest that the meds they were in possession of was not over there amount of thc,since they don’t even know the laws of how the United states government cannot possibly test a plant to these precise .01/0.3,levels when we don’t test universal and as long as civic core is allowed to continue the assault on American families and there future,charging medicaid and other public assistance programs 10,000 to 50,000 a convict per month, our Hittler antics have made us the only country in the world that pays our hard earned money to lock up drug offenders ,fill up our jails and allow serious criminals to wander around and become politicians,!
    We have more innocent Americans locked up illegally for pot charges every minute …..right now,as I write this ,people are being violated ,beaten,raped,all because they smoked a joint instead of drank a beer and our holier than though local police departments across America take pride in the fact that they are getting “drugs” off the street,they don’t care that all the other countries put together ,India,China,and Mexico included don’t even come close to the human trafficking “ American style” the numbers behind bars we have allowed and continue to allow…..will show the world how our creepy white haired leaders has made a kings life profiting from our prison system ,medical institutions ,paid clinical trials has swept America ,but it’s the hospitals and docs not the victims benefitting,as the drugs this monster of a machine has infested into the bodies that support the thought of pursuing happiness ,this is the next third world sweatshop ,if we don’t stop the insanity,get real and legalize across the board ,abolish private for profit prison,,& lobbying.healthcare ,education for all,America will fix herself!

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