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Colorado certifies more hempseeds, boosting approved cultivars to seven

Colorado has approved four more hemp cultivars, bringing the nation’s top hemp-producing state to seven varieties of certified seed. The new varieties, like the previously approved seeds, are intended for fiber and seed production. Colorado, the only state to certify hempseeds, does not have any certified seeds suited for indoor cannabidiol production, currently the most profitable […]

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Colorado panel to study industrial hemp use for animal feed

A Colorado task force will study the use of industrial hemp for animal feed as soon as this summer, thanks to a new state law aimed at broadening the plant’s applications. According to the Coloradoan, the group will study the details of how industrial hemp may be used in feed, including: The economic ramifications The potential […]

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Hemp products approved for consumption in Australia, NZ

Federal and state ministers in Australia and New Zealand have approved low-THC hempseeds for human consumption, opening a new market for edible products using the plant. Prior to the decision, hemp was part of a classification that prohibited all species of cannabis from being added to food, or sold as food, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The […]

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