Here’s final chance to tell FDA how it should regulate CBD

U.S. health authorities are taking final comments from the public on how to regulate over-the-counter cannabis extracts such as CBD.

The suggestions are due to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by midnight ET Tuesday, July 16, on how the agency should regulate cannabis-derived products.

The FDA has vowed to expedite its review of cannabis-derived compounds because of a surge in CBD products hitting the market. The agency now says it will have an update on the review by late summer or early fall.

The health regulator has asked the public to share scientific literature and other data to help regulators decide:
  • Appropriate CBD dosing levels.
  • Drug interactions.
  • Impacts to “special populations, like children, the elderly, and pregnant or lactating women.”
  • Risks of long-term exposure.

The FDA started its review May 31, hearing from more than 100 industry manufacturers and activists. It said it had received nearly 3,800 additional written comments by Monday.