Florida gets DEA clearance to grow hemp in 2019

Florida agriculture officials have completed preparations to grow hemp in the Sunshine State and say they’re ready to plant seeds in 2019.

According to Growing Produce, a trade publication for specialty-crop growers, that’s far sooner than originally expected.

Florida legalized hemp production in 2017, but officials warned it could take several years to find a cultivar that could grow under the 0.3% THC limit in Florida’s tropical and subtropical climate.

But the initial work at the University of Florida has wrapped up, and three cities have been identified for hemp cultivation in 2019:

  • Quincy (panhandle area).
  • Hague (north-central Florida).
  • Homestead (south Florida).

University agronomist Zachary Brym told Growing Produce that the school received DEA clearance to import live hempseeds.

There is no timetable for private commercial hemp production to begin, but Brym said research is just around the corner.

“We will be importing seeds ASAP and plan to put plants in the ground during spring 2019,” he said.

80 comments on “Florida gets DEA clearance to grow hemp in 2019
    • PeaceLoveHemp on

      I think they mean into the state. There are, already, plenty of US Domestic seeds, with amazing genetics. I can’t imagine importing them internationally, unless they have no clue what they’re doing.

  1. Robert Clayton on

    Florida is sub-tropical. US is not. THC will rise half a percent bringing plants this far south. You have to use plants from your latitude. Orlando is the same latitude as Western Sahara. Lexington, KY is the same latitude as Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Tay on

      Problem is Homestead and/or Redland area of South Miami is totally different climate then Orlando. It is much warmer then just a little bit north to Fort Lauderdale. What seeds will work in Miami Redland area as it is TOTALLY different then any other part of Florida but for the Keys. Interesting in starting on 1/2 to 1 acre only due to enormous risk. Anyone out there know what variety of seed as license are suppose to start being issued in October 2019.
      Also, in Kentucky the deer will eat the hemp. What about all the wild animals in South Miami? Do we need electric fencing to stop the rabbits and other creatures eating our hemp?

  2. Greg G. on

    I just want to know, since I am able to legally purchase as tons of this cbd cannabis online, and legally purchase these buds in stores in Jacksonville, and President Trump legalized industrial hemp in the farm bill, can I as a Florida citizen legally grow a pound or two and sale, or can only the scientist in the universities? This is the governors duty, the agriculture dept. did its job, but the governors job is to ensure my prosperity(since the President legalized it completely), like say, Oregon, Kentucky, they have hemp farmers, Tennessee, they sale their stuff by the truckloads, even online. Florida people shouldnt have to ship in anything, now since its legal. And since people are struggling and the President says its ok, people should be able to grow and sell it as please, not just universities.

    • Guy the CBD Guy on

      Good Points Greg! I am also in Florida and hope to grow Hemp.Florida already approved Medical Marijuana and now with Trump legalizing Hemp and DEA cannot bust you federally we should be free to grow Hemp now in Florida!

    • Fred Howard on

      I agree and residents should be able to grow for their own use also. Can you even imagine the tonnage of hemp needed to pull out enough t.h.c. to then use or sale and the know how and the cost. It is all about control so who they want to grow it grows it and as usual you just have to follow the money. Cut the crap and make seeds available to anyone who wishes to grow it now that it is legal. Why on earth does the federal and state overlords want to micro manage every damn thing every one thinks, does, says. So sad we are not a free country as intended by our designers [ forefathers] envisioned.

  3. Cactusjack on

    I am growing cannabis in Oregon and I am shifting gears like a lot of other growers and start growing hemp. Cbd isolates are in high demand and now THats is legal it makes the most sense from a business point of view.

  4. L Boone on

    Im going to be growing a few acres this 2019. Hemp baby. looking to grow fiber, grains, or cbd.but wondering who is buying the farm grown products? Im looking for contracts now

  5. Farmer Frank on

    I am a 3 rd generation Fla Farmer and have been growing 1000 acres of vegetables ,I have machinery , land including Green Houses , and ready to start growing Hemp on a large scale of 40 or more acres , where can I get seeds , access to buyers , also willing to secure machinery to extract oil from the hemp . Appreciate any input Thank You

    • Farmer Jon on

      Hi Frank, I am a hemp farmer based out of Oregon. I also help other farmers sell their material or turn it into the more valuable distillate. I can help you with all of your questions, and you could do very well with the land and equipment resources you have. Send me an email to [email protected] and let’s start a conversation about hemp.

      • michael Mallia on

        Oregon Hemp farmer, I have residences both in New York and Florida. As a long time entrepreneur/businessman I am very interested in getting into Hemp farming, along with my son. Any insights and/or help you can provide would be much appreciated.

        What is the best way for my son to learn about Hemp farming, he is very interested in becoming a hemp farmer. myself and family have always been in Manufacturing, so we don’t have experience in the farming industry.

        thanks Mike mallia

        • W Ted Brown on

          Hi Mike, I have a “nature” property & Fish Camp ( http://www.beckslakefishcamp.com ) in Pensacola, Florida and am interested in putting part of it into hemp. I also have a developer friend that we’ve been talking about establishing a RV nature themed campground there too. I’ve got about 100 acres that would be perfect for this and the Pensacola area is great from an industrial and shipping point with the Port of Mobile very close by and the I-10 & I-65 corridors. Atlanta is only about 5 hr drive time.
          I feel like we can get other farmers in our area (there’s a lot) interested and maybe form a co-op.
          Is this something you might be interested in helping with? You can see more about me on http://www.linkedin.com/in/wtedbrown
          I’m also a Realtor who is trying to let everyone know that Northwest Florida is the best part of Florida for retirees and businesses!

          Thanks – Ted

      • Mark on

        Hi Jon,

        Hope all well. My family owns a large nursery business in Homestead, Florida and we are interested in entering the Hemp CBD growing business. Looking to partner with experienced grower. Have 100 acres and willing to start right away. If you are interested in something like this please let us know.
        Thanks and all that’s good.

        • ana maria on

          Please give me a call we are looking to do the same but have a acre avil. on what was a org. veg. micro farm in So.Fl. I may be of some help 786-499-5119

    • Stu Gurley on

      I know this thread was a long time ago but Im moving back to FL after selling my cannabis company in Portland, OR. I would like to get involved int he hemp industry in FL and can provide you with all the things you are looking for including state-of-the-art extraction equipment. If interested please contact me. I was born and raised in Sarasota, FL and would love to bring me knowledge of cannabis growing in climate controlled greenhouses to FL.

    • Darrick Sanders on

      You may want to look into the University of Florida IFAS Program. They are holding meetings this year that will be offering info on Pilot Programs and Program Partners. They are having a meeting on August 10th in Citra. $10 to reserve a seat.

    • Marcos on

      Hey frank. Small farmer here bee keeper. . I’d like to chat and swap info. I’m somewhat in the Cannabis industry already have buyers and prosecors already.

      • ana maria on

        Hello Marcos same here looking to connect w/other farmers in So.Fl. and get back to bee keeping (lost my bee’s when we move & then a flood) would have lost them to a bear anyway that got to our chickens farm life not easy! please get a call 786-499-5119

    • Christopher Horton on

      My name is Chris Horton 386.569.1964

      I have worked on the Cannabis and Hemp industries for 8 years. I’m based in FL and I’m working to supply farmers with seeds and seedlings. Seed prices have gone up 200 % since the Farm Bill was signed.
      I would be my pleasure to jump on a call if you would like.

      • Curtis Screen and Gloria on

        We are starting a farm in Gadsden county hopefully may or June this year. We would appreciate any help from you on how to start this program. We have 80acres to work with. And how do we get the seeds to start planting. Also what licenses do we need to have.

        • KR Woodburn on

          Contact Gadsden County Extension
          We are starting research soon and will be working with farmers even ones the university doesn’t partner with. Our aim is to give research based information on industrial hemp

          [email protected]

    • Eric on

      Oregon genetics are the best! I have a large scale processing facility in Southern Oregon and several large farms feel free to call me i can help.


    • Stephanie Panis on

      Interested, we provide seeds and funding for farmers to plant in other states currently, we ate always looking for new venues for our farmers. Please email with phone or l will provide mine.

    • Christopher Broome on

      Farmer Frank, I have a partner who just launched a CBD company in Orlando and is able to buy all the product that you can produce. The biomass and the oil. Or he can process it at his facility. don’t get into a situation like the growers out west did this year by growing too much and now the processors can’t even buy it from them. If you have that much acreage I highly recommend pairing up with a company and getting a contract in place asap. If you need any assistance text me at 407-864-0664 or email me at [email protected]

      Also I recommend getting mother plants and clone them or buying clones not seeds. If you get a male in that big Field you can kiss your profits good bye. Also if you get a strand that is over the .3 you gotta torch it.

  6. Kyle M Straughn on

    We are large scale farmers in NCFL we have a meeting today on this topic. I am interested in my options and any selling seeds and buying product in the end.
    We have 100Ac of High Tunnels that may be an asset.
    Feel free to contact. With info. @ [email protected]

  7. Sabrina Burke on

    I am in lee county florida and would like to grow canibis any info on what permits are needed or if it is even legal to grow for medical distribution yet.

  8. Fred Howard on

    Does the hemp Florida has decided to allow to be grown here produce it’s own nitrogen for growth or does it need additional nitrogen added?

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