Georgia-Pacific, Canadian firm join to produce nonwoven hemp products

Georgia-Pacific, a giant in the paper-manufacturing industry, is partnering with a Canadian firm that uses hemp-based fibers for a variety of nonwoven products.

Victoria, British Columbia-based Bast Fibre Technologies announced the agreement with Georgia-Pacific on Tuesday. BFT makes baby wipes and other personal-care fiber products.

The company said the agreement involves a suite of patents for the application in a variety of plant-based bast fibers in nonwoven products.

Under license from Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific, BFT will develop, process, and market sustainable nonwoven fibers “to lead the industry in the transition away from synthetic materials toward all-natural, better performing solutions,” according to a statement.

Bast fiber, also called phloem fiber, comes from the inner bark of the bast family group of plants, including hemp, flax, jute and kenaf.

Georgia-Pacific, a privately held subsidiary of Koch Industries, produced such brands as Brawny paper towels and Quilted Northern toilet paper.

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  1. Hemp Mayor on

    And Kenaf is the material of choice. Roo bad y’all have not been listening to me. Now everyone is paying the price

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