Global ornamentals breeder enters US hemp industry through clone distribution partnership

The world’s largest breeder and propagator of ornamental plants has set its sights on the hemp industry with a first-time sales agreement to distribute clones nationwide.

Through its Quick Plug division, which produces stabilized growing media for professional horticulture systems, Dümmen Orange North America, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, has partnered with Colorado-based Dutch Heritage Gardens’ Royal Botanicals hemp division, a breeder and producer of novel hemp cultivars for CBD biomass extraction.

With its experience as an ornamental bedding plant producer, Dutch Heritage Gardens leveraged its relationship with Dümmen Orange to develop a national production and distribution network for hemp clones.

“The hemp industry needs leadership and stability,” said Aaron Van Wingerden, president of Dutch Heritage Gardens. “We believe, together, that we can help steer the industry in the right direction.”

Dümmen Orange owns two national plant brokerage firms, Vaughn’s Horticulture and McHutchison.

“This is an incredible development for both sides as hemp is a great plant with limited potential,” said Keith Cable, president of Dümmen Orange North America.

“We look forward to a very bright future for hemp clones with widespread use in CBD extraction.”