GW Pharma denies supply issues with cannabis-based drug Epidiolex after stock falls

GW Pharmaceuticals, the British maker of epileptic seizure-control medication Epidiolex, said it was not aware of any supply issues related to the cannabis-derived drug after a tweet from a patient’s father complained he could not source the medicine.

GW’s stock was down more than 3% on Wednesday on the Nasdaq after the tweet from San Francisco Bay Area journalist Ryan Flinn, who complained that his daughter had suffered four seizures since local pharmacies and her doctor had been unable to refill the prescription.

The stock declined further early Thursday before trimming some of the losses mid-morning.

Company spokesman Steve Schultz said there were no supply issues relating to Epidiolex but did admit to some issues with insurance companies, according to a report Wednesday by New Cannabis Ventures.

Flinn tweeted Thursday that his daughter’s Epidiolex had arrived “after 19 calls + 338 min on phone. Still not clear on hold up.”

United Kingdom-based GW trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker GWPH.

2 comments on “GW Pharma denies supply issues with cannabis-based drug Epidiolex after stock falls
  1. Donna on

    Terrible that the drug has created a fire storm accross the hemp industry. The farm bill passed the this drug company moves in and now CBD is a drug again. The people dont need a prescription for this wonderful plant, it is not a drug. Don’t let Big Pharma ruin this wonderful plant.

  2. Brent Norris on

    We accept the fact that caffeine is a drug. The coffee plant has many other uses. I can grow as much as I want legally and produce as much caffeine as I can sell. Coffee contains pesticides has obscure labeling requirements and can do serious harm to some people. Most seem to be helped by coffee. All coffee producers are held to the same standards.

    GW pharma have been given their own law by nefarious actors within the us government. This has nothing to do with biology, chemistry or safety.

    The fact that people still think we have a government for the people is the problem, not the plants. We need to hold voters accountable and the people we elect to a higher standard. Or just adapt to the outlaw world we live in.

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