Health Canada recalls THC product mislabeled as CBD

Canadian health regulators have issued a recall of THC gel capsules that were incorrectly labeled as CBD.

According to Health Canada, British Columbia cannabis producer Zenabis Global mislabeled one lot of its Namaste brand softgels.

The labels indicate the product is “CBD Light gelcaps” containing 6.13 milligrams per capsule of CBD and 0.19 milligrams per capsule of THC. However, the product actually contains THC gelcaps with up to 2.28 milligrams of THC per capsule and no CBD.

Health Canada said that 768 units of the mislabeled gelcaps went to Cannabis NB, a provincial retailer in New Brunswick, on Oct. 7.

The agency said 165 units of the recalled product were sold.

To date, Zenabis has received one complaint related to the recalled lot. The remaining 603 units were to be returned to Zenabis, Yahoo Finance reported.

Health Canada, which is similar to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and regulates Canada’s legal marijuana industry, said it has not received any complaints.

Neither Zenabis nor Health Canada had received any reports of adverse reactions for the recalled product, according to the agency’s recall alert.

More details about the cannabis product recall are available here.