Hemp groups submit $1B infrastructure amendment to US House leaders

A coalition of hemp associations is working together to secure $1 billion in funding as part of the recent infrastructure legislation package introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The National Hemp Association and its Standing Committee of Hemp Organizations has submitted a $1 billion amendment to the pending House Budget Reconciliation measure in an effort to accelerate hemp fiber and grain production for hemp infrastructure.

Until hemp became a fully legal commodity crop under the 2018 Farm Bill, the industry couldn’t benefit from the research, technology and investments that other agricultural commodities have received.

Public-private partnerships could help accelerate vital infrastructure to build reliable supply chains and the requested stimulus money would allow U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack “to empower hemp farmers, processors and related businesses to compete globally, sequester unprecedented amounts of carbon, remediate contaminated soil and water, provide funding and jobs to traditionally disadvantaged members of the farming community” and more, a coalition letter to House leaders said.

The amendment requests $1 billion, distributed within 12 months through state departments of agriculture, tribal governments and U.S. territories.

The funds would provide:

  • $100 million each for four regional super sites in Oregon, Michigan, New York and Florida.
  • $120 million issued to historically underserved farms.
  • $380 million divided according to hemp farm calculations.
  • 10% of allocated funds for state departments of agriculture, tribal nations and territories to use to support their hemp programs.
  • State departments of agriculture, tribes and territories to distribute remaining funds up to $3 million per entity for equipment purchases.

According to NHA, the SCOHO represents more than 90% of hemp farmers in the U.S. and includes:

  • Tennessee Growers Coalition
  • Colorado Hemp Association
  • U.S. Hemp Building Association
  • Florida Hemp Council
  • Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association
  • California Hemp Association
  • California Hemp Foundation
  • Midwest Hemp Council
  • Hemp Alliance of Tennessee
  • Kentucky Hemp Association
  • Hempstead Project Heart
  • Texas Hemp Industries Association
  • Nebraska Hemp Industries Association