Hemp-derived products cleared for US air travel in another sign of federal acceptance

U.S. aviation authorities have changed course on cannabidiol and now allow it on airplanes, as long as it comes from hemp.

The U.S. Transport Security Administration recently updated its guidance on medical marijuana to clarify that CBD products are allowed as long as they were produced legally.

That means CBD products must be derived from legally grown hemp, though there’s no way to tell whether a CBD product came from a plant that was grown in accordance with U.S. law.

The TSA guidance could have significant implications for businesses selling hemp-derived CBD.

Those products have been subject to sporadic seizures, even after Congress changed the law last year to legalize hemp and hemp products.

The agency says in its updated marijuana guidance that its efforts are “designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers,” not enforce federal drug law.

One comment on “Hemp-derived products cleared for US air travel in another sign of federal acceptance
  1. david on

    But the children, who is going to protect the poor children? What if little Jack and Jill come down the hill and play in the hemp field before boarding the plane to grandma’s house. My goodness the horrors of it all. The whole plane could be infected. This plant is a crime against God, not sure which one, but some of them!
    In California, you can’t even sell hemp CBD in Dispensaries because it is adulterated. I’m not sure if that means it’s porno hemp or it’s for adults only. If this stuff was so healthy for you, the big pharma companies would already be selling it. Their drugs are FDA approved and completely safe to use. I saw it on the internet. I also heard the illegal alien invaders at our southern boarders smuggle the hemp in to the U S of A and make heroin with it.

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