Hemp industry groups seek feedback on possible checkoff program

Hemp industry groups want to hear from producers and farmers about whether they would support having a national checkoff program to raise money for industry research and promotion.

The National Industrial Hemp Council and the Hemp Industries Association launched the survey and are collecting responses until Dec. 15.

Checkoffs exist for nearly a dozen U.S. commodities, and in the case of the dairy industry, the money it raised helped launch the now-famous “Got Milk?” campaign.

The survey can be taken here.

2 comments on “Hemp industry groups seek feedback on possible checkoff program
  1. Pat Jack on

    Who, what body and what persons, what entities will select the other entities that are awarded these, ( regulatory tax), monies for research? You would be very surprised to find out the answer to that question. ” … to raise money for industry research …” Who gets the farmer’s money? Who gets paid, who makes a profit from these funded activities and who chooses who gets the money?

    What marketing firm, and what entities will select those marketing firms, to carry out promotions, and who will be solicited, (paid as a consultant), and who will be allowed to have a hand in the branding of promotions? Shocking yes? Because we don’t know and nobody wants to talk about it?

    Who gets the research data? Of course, we can trust the government and industry associations to be equitable, right? Checkoff is deeply corrupted. Hemp checkoff will be no different. Those for it will be getting the money, those against will be paying the money, sound familiar?

    The British Crown did this to the early American colonists to “promote” the hemp crops and exports from the colonists to the “Kingdom”. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

  2. jay berry on

    check offs do not work. it’s creating a tax on the grows with them having no say as to what the money should be used for. on top of that how many growers have lost money so you are going to damage the people growing so that people with no skin in the game can dictate how they want to spend the money.

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