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Download our latest report on the Smokable Hemp Market

Smokable hemp is a complicated and controversial segment in the United States. Hemp Industry Daily has partnered with The Nielsen Company, a key retail and consumer research firm, on this exclusive report to help you navigate this sector’s twists and turns.

This report will serve as a business-focused guidebook for executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals participating in or looking to enter the lucrative smokable hemp market. This special report will especially be of interest to retailers and distributors within the retail market.

Business operators and entrepreneurs will get data on the smokable hemp market as well as insights on:

  • The current market value for smokable hemp
  • Consumer spending on smokable hemp products
  • Comparative consumer spending on smokable tobacco
  • Potential market value for smokable hemp/inhalables
  • Regulatory issues and current states that are banning smokable hemp

Download this report now to gain actionable business information, avoid compliance issues and start making informed decisions for your business and investments in the hemp and CBD industries.

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Download the 2nd Annual Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook – the most comprehensive and reliable data resource for the hemp and CBD industry available today and the only report to deliver a complete, end-to-end look at the cannabis supply chain.

Whether you’re a cultivator, extractor, investor, entrepreneur, manufacturer or retailer, the national legalization of hemp and CBD has opened-up a world of opportunities – each with their own questions: “What is the impact of mass market retailers entering the market? How are businesses navigating regulatory gray areas? What are the obstacles and opportunities across the hemp & CBD supply chain?”

When even federal agencies can’t provide reliable tracking data, this exclusively business-focused Factbook offers analysis and better understanding of the current and future challenges needed to make the most accurate and informed business decisions.

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