Hemp plant breeding firm, lab partner to offer farmers discounted crop testing

A hemp breeding company has developed a partnership with an independent laboratory to offer  genetics research and scientific research on consumer goods.

The Hemp Mine, a hemp company that breeds hemp varieties and makes consumer hemp products based in Fair Play, South Carolina, is partnering with Allentown, Pennsylvania-based PHR Labs, LLC, an ISO-accredited laboratory that offers analytical testing and research and development services to hemp companies.

PHR Labs will provide discounted testing services and guidance for The Hemp Mine’s grower customers to reduce their risk of non-compliance with federal THC limits, while supporting the breeding company’s research and breeding efforts through research field trials and participation in university trials. It will also support the development of The Hemp Mine’s consumer products with thorough testing.

“This industry is hungry for data that reduces farmer risk and allows for viable commercial hemp production longevity,” said The Hemp Mine co-founder Travis Higginbotham in a statement.

“Through this process we are incentivizing more awareness on proper testing methodology and frequency. In turn, we build a regional data base of cannabinoid progression per cultivar offered to the market.”