Hemp season is only as good as the varieties farmers put in the ground

Hemp became a legal commercial crop in the United States a little over a year ago, but since then, far too many stories have been told about farmers losing their crops to bad seed, wet weather, mold or spiking THC levels.

Among the highly publicized challenges facing hemp producers – from the learning curve involved in growing a new crop in regions of the country where it hasn’t been produced in decades to constantly changing government regulations – the most common factor is the ability for farmers to source a consistent supply of predictable, reliable genetics.

The industry lives and dies by the quality of genetics available and farmers’ success in producing them.

That’s where we come in.

Hemp Industry Daily’s first Variety Yearbook is a comprehensive look at the newest hemp genetics on the market.

Consider it your buyer’s guide for sourcing hemp genetics this year and a resource to look back on as you prepare for subsequent seasons.

Why compile a list of hemp genetics? Because this nascent industry needs a trusted resource to research and connect with breeders and young-plant suppliers.

In this yearbook, you’ll find comprehensive information and insights on approaching your hemp production season and how to make decisions about the varieties you decide to grow, including:

  • Varieties currently on the market, by purpose (cannabinoids, fiber and grain).
  • Tips for selecting effective live inputs (seed, seedlings, cuttings and clones).
  • How to source genetics.
  • Resources.

Hemp Industry Daily’s Variety Yearbook 2020 – 1st Edition is available now for free download, to help make your 2020 season better than 2019.

If you have any comments or questions about the Variety Yearbook 2020, please email us at editorial@staging-hempindustrydaily.kinsta.cloud.