Herbal products association launches resource to standardize hemp terminology

The American Herbal Products Association, a national trade association within the herbal products industry, has published a new resource to support standardized terminology within the nascent hemp industry and the cultivation, processing, manufacturing and labeling of hemp and its derived products.

The group says its Hemp Lexicon is a reference tool for the hemp industry, as well as the federal, state, tribal and other jurisdictions that oversee hemp production and manufacturing,” to provide guidance and encourage clear, consistent communication.”

“As the hemp industry continues to expand, all hemp stakeholders will benefit from the standard terminology established in the Lexicon,” said Asa Waldstein, chair of AHPA’s Cannabis Committee, in a statement from the association.

AHPA has developed other documents like the Hemp Lexicon, to help establish understanding among manufacturing of other botanical extracts, and many of the terms in the Lexicon have long been established in those publications.

AHPA consults with global botanical experts and harmonizes terms with national governments and regulatory bodies, according to the association.

The Lexicon was developed by a working group of the AHPA Cannabis Committee, which included hemp growers, manufacturers, processors and product marketers. The association welcomes suggestions for additional terms and revisions.